Thursday, 25 November 2010

Life is full of surprises ...

... and some of them are very pleasant.  It has been a joy to receive so many wonderful reviews of my book, some from old friends and journalist colleagues, and others from perfect strangers.  I realise the subject matter may not be top of most people's gentle bed-time reading material, but it seems that everyone has found some subject in it that has caught their interest - or made them shudder!   I'm delighted that the A-Z has been so well received.  Thank you.


  1. Baby boomers are becoming more and more fascinated by history. Books like yours are like those programs called Time Team, with Tony Robinson. They delve into something we are further away from each year, yet feel closer to as we age. It's a phenomenon of the middle-aged mind, and your book feeds it. Well done!

  2. Some tremendous reviews, Irene. Well deserved congratulations. Neil